QR Codes on product packaging 

Adding QR codes to your packaging is the easiest way to provide additional information about your product without the clutter.


Ways to use Flowcode QR Codes on Packaging


"Share all your links, quickly and easily with Flowcode"
- West Fork Whisky 

01 Declutter your design

Want to share your social handles, website information, latest video, & coupons but don't have room?

With Flowcode QR codes, you can send your customers to your entire digital universe with just one scan. Set your QR Code to connect to a Flowpage, where you can host all your links!


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02 Build Customer Loyalty

Connecting your on-packaging QR code to your social accounts, videos, event signups, or helpful information is an easy way to build brand recognition and customer loyalty


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03 Increase Sales 

Running a discount or trying to increase sales directly with customers? Adding a Flowcode QR code to your packaging enables you to take your customers directly to your checkout, send scanners to a coupon, or sign up for monthly deliveries.



04 Learn about your customers

If you knew exactly when your customers were using your product or looking to buy more, think about how targeted your marketing could become. With Flowcode's QR analytics, you can see when and how your customers are using your products. 

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How to add a QR Code to packaging


01 Go to Flowcode.com and sign up for your free trial. 


02 Enter where you want your QR Code to send your customers. 


03 Add your brand colors to your code design. (Even add your logo!)


04 Download your code and add it to your packaging design file.  

Flowcode QR Codes on Product Packaging

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Why should I add QR Codes to my product packaging? 

Adding QR codes to your packaging is the easiest way to stay connected to your customers. Share your social handles, coupons, website, recipes, and any digital destination you can imagine! It also keeps your packaging design clean and easy for customers to navigate.  

Where should my QR code scan to?

Any digital destination you can imagine. Share product information, recipes, your social accounts, website, coupons, and so much more. With Flowpage, our mobile link sharing page, you can host all your links in one place so you don't have to choose. Add one QR code to your packaging and your customers can access your entire digital universe. 

How can QR codes help with my product packaging? 

QR Codes make it easier for your customers to stay connected to your products, make additional orders, and learn how t use your product.. All without any effort. Instead of typing in your URL, or searching for you online, your customers can instantly connect to you online.