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Consumer Packaged Goods

Flowcode provides an instant connection point from your product direct to any digital destination. Now, you can offer more information than what's on the product itself. Send users to exclusive brand content, social media pages, or even forms for contests

Aside from the brand value, this also a way to create a digital touch point with your customer. Here, you can ask them for their email of phone number to reach out with more information or updates

Building synergies between physical products and online marketing is important, and adding a Flowcode onto packaging is a great way to create a new customer retargeting list

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Connect to Any Destination

Place a Flowcode on your packaging to help customers find your brand on social media, drive sales, or go to any digital destination. This will help customers find the right profiles across different platforms, so they can follow and engage with your posts. It's also a great opportunity to share more information on your product

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Grow Your Sales 

On package marketing is a great way to engage with customers and offer discounts and other promotional incentives for your customer like entering giveaways

For example, your code can be paired with a call-to-action that says, "Scan to get 20% off your next purchase." This will bring more customers into your ecosystem, foster long term loyalty, and drive an immediate sale 




Give More to the Customer

Many customers adhere to the "see it, like it, buy it" method. With Flowcode, you can multiply what the customer sees or listens too

Scans can lead to instructional videos, promotional ad content, audio files or an image gallery of all the other products and services your business may offer

This is a great way to ensure your customer is excited about your brand, and will purchase from you again

Is your marketing working?

Flowcode’s advanced analytics dashboard with FlowcodePro allows marketing professionals to understand which tactics worked best, analyze A/B testing data, and better understand who is scanning their codes.

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